2 Useful, Painless Video Creation Tools

Creating great interactive videos doesn’t need to come with a huge learning curve. Try these 2 pain-free cloud tools.
1. HapYak:
Are you using online video in your class, but you’d like to enhance it with specific questions, links, maybe a quiz, or highlight important points? HapYak is an easy way to edit almost any video for targeted interactive learning. If your video is on YouTube, you can enhance it with HapYak. Watch their feature video (link below) to learn more about HapYak’s capabilities. Cost: You can do 5 videos per month with the free version.


2. Animoto:
Animoto might be the easiest application I’ve ever used to create fun, compelling videos. It makes adding great music a breeze, so even those who struggle with technology will enjoy doing multimedia presentations. Students should appreciate Animoto’s plugins to Facebook and Instagram if they’re adding photos. I created a very basic video in about ten minutes. Cost: You’re limited to 30-second videos with the free version.