6 Easy Ways to Integrate Multimedia

New tools are making it easier than ever to incorporate great multimedia online; not just for lecture content and tutorials, but also for students projects and assignments.

Meet the free and friendly tools of Web 2.0 – many allow simple one-click sign up via Facebook, and a very short learning curve. Assigning your students cloud-tool based projects can help them build 21st century skills, and offers creative alternatives for formal written papers.

Here are 6 resources to help you design and deliver multimedia learning options:

  1. Microsoft Office Mix – Death by Powerpoint? Not anymore. Now you can add quiz slides, narrate, and integrate video clips with the free Powerpoint Mix toolbar. Secure login with your UIdaho (student or instructor) account. Check out this Ohms Law presentation, made with Mix.
  2. Podcasting with Soundcloud – Podcasts offer busy students the ability to listen to your lecture while walking or driving to work. Soundcloud embeds look terrific in BbLearn, and a podcasting assignment will teach students scripting and recording skills valued in the digital workplace. Quick example:

    Plus: 7 Things You Should Know about Podcasting – from Educause
  3. Web 2.0 Technology Tools – This hot-off-the-press article from Edutopia provides a comprehensive summary of web tools that will leave you giddy with fresh technology ideas.
  4. Using Google Slides? Try SlidesCarnival for slick, highly readable presentation templates.
  5. With Zaption, you can easily integrate gradable quizzes into your YouTube video content. Invite deeper learning by ‘pausing the video’ to reinforce an important concept.
  6. Brainstorm with Google Docs: Engage, inspire, and conjure brilliant ideas or solve problems using Google’s collaborative sharing applications, and then organize results or assess using concept mapping.