Educating Generation Z

It's your turnConsider the characteristics of Gen Z students coming into your classes, comfortable in their digital world, and ready to fully engage online to prepare for their future career.

Are your courses providing the kinds of experiences, projects, and skills-based practice that will motivate and challenge these students? Or are you playing it safe with old-school lecture and testing?

Taking risks with collaborative group work learning models or using new technologies is worth it, not just because digital natives will benefit. It also models a love of learning on your part, and a willingness to make change, to fail and keep trying.

Now you can engage students online by adding a Yellowdig board, which lets students watch their points accumulate as they type a post, or explain a video link, or “like” other classmates’ ideas.

You can even set up your Yellowdig board as a ‘crowdsourcing’ tool – students can research and post solutions to a problem, then “like” or upvote the best solutions, serving as a springboard for further exploration or projects.

Some risks; many rewards.