How to Get a Good Grade (Center!)

With a few simple steps, you can build an accurate grade center, then use the My Grades tool so your students can track their progress.

Here are some easy ways to make your grade center a clear and correct reflection of student’s work.

  1. For face-to-face courses, build grade columns that reflect points accurately. An easy way to check: Hover over the Total column to see how your grade center adds up.
  2. Use the Manage > Column Organization view for clarity and clean-up. If you have column “clutter,” use this view to check total points and move columns around.
  3. Simplify your grade center by removing default columns you don’t use. For example, feel free to delete the Weighted Total column if you don’t use weighted grades.
  4. Categorize your grade columns first if you want to drop lowest score from a group of tests, or assign percentages to create a Weighted total.
  5. Use Student Preview to check My Grades for accuracy. This shows exactly what your students will see.
  6. Check the BbLearn Help site for step-by-step help with more complex grade center tasks. Call, email, or visit us in the Education Building, Room 220 for friendly advice.

It might seem challenging to set up your Grade Center, but we are here to help you get it right.