2. Learning Objectives

2. Learning Objectives

One of the pillars of effective course design is the strength of our learning objectives. Strong objectives are based on action verbs that define how students will prove they “get it,” and describe what they will be able to do upon course completion.

So, how can we create meaningful, measurable course objectives?

Ask Yourself:
After students have completed this course, what new knowledge and skills will they be able to demonstrate?

Answer the Question:
Write down 5 or 6 skills related to your major topic areas. Then, translate those nuggets into measurable outcomes as your learning objectives. (Measurable means that students will demonstrate specific outcomes in an observable form or fashion.)

The challenge is to create learning outcomes that define how students will apply knowledge in innovative and creative ways. For example, in addition to the outcomes of “identifying” and “remembering,” we can add high-level thinking outcomes such as “creating,” “planning” and “evaluating.”  Learning outcomes centered around critical thinking can drive meaningful student engagement and increased retention.

Course Objectives Builder Bloom's_taxonomy

Use the Course Objectives Builder application to develop instructional objectives for your courses and instructional programs.