5 Ideas from 2017’s Best Educational Research

With the New Year approaching, and as we prepare to uncork the champagne to welcome 2018, let’s review some significant teaching and learning research findings from the past year. Inspired by Edutopia’s 2017 education research highlights, we’ve organized a list of ideas taken from several recent studies. Ask yourself if you are utilizing the latest evidence-based […]

How to Get a Good Grade (Center!)

With a few simple steps, you can build an accurate grade center, then use the My Grades tool so your students can track their progress. Here are some easy ways to make your grade center a clear and correct reflection of student’s work. For face-to-face courses, build grade columns that reflect points accurately. An easy […]

Beyond Getting the Right Answer

Education is more than just getting the right answer. It’s about asking the right questions, knowing how to work through difficulties, and solving problems. Less reliance on high-stakes testing also reduces the anxiety at midterm and final exams. But this approach isn’t just for testing…allowing multiple attempts for assignments lets students learn from making mistakes and implementing […]

5 Simple Strategies to Prevent Cheating

Even when instructors convey the importance of trust and high expectations of academic integrity, students who are stressed, confused, or demotivated can be tempted to go the dishonest route. Tests in the online environment are especially tricky – when we try to enforce honesty with proctoring and timing mechanisms, it can appear that students are presumed guilty. Read more in Pitfalls of Online Testing. […]

Sustainable Course Design: 5 Effective Grading Strategies that Save Time

How can we apply sustainability concepts to course design? Sustainable systems make use of simplicity and efficiency with a “less is more” approach. Grading, for example, should be a targeted, meaningful reflection of learning goals, and not an all-consuming chore. Quality time spent grading should directly correlate with improved student progress. A good grading strategy starts with efficient assessments. As a rule of thumb: don’t assign […]

Paperless Assignments, Methods, and Technologies

Considering going beyond written papers and tests in your learning assessments? It may require extra preparation up front, but alternative assessment projects can pay dividends later on. The first step is to re-evaluate the course’s main takeaways and learning outcomes. Next, determine how outcome knowledge and skill can best be measured. Look at what practitioners in your field of expertise are producing. Chances are, they produce more than words […]