New Tools

Educating Generation Z

Consider the characteristics of Gen Z students coming into your classes, comfortable in their digital world, and ready to fully engage online to prepare for their future career. Are your courses providing the kinds of experiences, projects, and skills-based practice that will motivate and challenge these students? Or are you playing it safe with old-school lecture and testing? Taking risks […]

4 Easy Ways to Integrate Multimedia

New tools are making it easier than ever to incorporate great multimedia online; not just for lecture content and tutorials, but also for students projects and assignments. Meet the free and friendly tools of Web 2.0 – many allow simple one-click sign up via Facebook, and a very short learning curve. Assigning your students cloud-tool based projects can help them build 21st century skills, and offers creative alternatives for formal written papers. Here are 5 resources […]

2 Useful, Painless Video Creation Tools

Creating great interactive videos doesn’t need to come with a huge learning curve. Try these 2 pain-free cloud tools. 1. HapYak: Are you using online video in your class, but you’d like to enhance it with specific questions, links, maybe a quiz, or highlight important points? HapYak is an easy way to edit almost any video for targeted interactive learning. If your video is on YouTube, you can enhance it with HapYak. Watch […]

5 Rules for Lectures, and 40+ Powerpoint Alternatives

It can be difficult to make lecture materials engaging. You might have some great slide content, but who’s got time to animate, illustrate, and narrate all of their presentations, and still keep them up to date? You don’t need to be a programmer anymore to convert your lectures into lively multimedia video. Visit Custom Show’s website to review 40+ great Powerpoint alternatives, including many free, easy-to-use web apps like PowToons […]

Paperless Assignments, Methods, and Technologies

Considering going beyond written papers and tests in your learning assessments? It may require extra preparation up front, but alternative assessment projects can pay dividends later on. The first step is to re-evaluate the course’s main takeaways and learning outcomes. Next, determine how outcome knowledge and skill can best be measured. Look at what practitioners in your field of expertise are producing. Chances are, they produce more than words […]