Workshops & Events

Workshops & Events

Below is a list of upcoming workshops and events related to course design. Please keep in mind that you may schedule one-on-one sessions anytime throughout the year with Carie or Doug—CETL’s Instructional Designers. One-on-one sessions provide the opportunity for you to ask questions and learn skills specific to your interests.

BbLearn Grade Center Demystified

Demystifying BbLearn’s Grade Center

It’s almost time to post midterm grades…are you ready? Attend one of the BbLearn Grade Center workshop sessions listed below, and we’ll show you how to organize, troubleshoot, and display accurate grades online using the BbLearn Grade Center. In this interactive workshop, you will learn how to:

• Ensure your grade center point totals match your Syllabus
• Use BbLearn tools to verify grade center accuracy
• Make grades visible to students
• Reorganize grade columns
• Troubleshoot/delete hidden grade book columns
• Create extra credit assignments
• Problem-solve: Bring your own grade center mysteries

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Who should attend? Anyone currently using BbLearn for grading, or wants to learn how to use the BbLearn grade center is welcome.
What should you bring? A laptop is recommended for hands-on exercises and skill-building.
Where? Workshops will be held in the CETL Lab (Room 220) on the 2nd floor of the Education Bldg. (50 minutes)


VoiceThread Workshops

A Workshop Series on Using VoiceThread is currently being offered by the vendor.

VoiceThread is an interactive collaboration tool which enables users to add their own voices to images, documents, and videos. This tool has been available over the years to users external to BbLearn, but is now integrated into BbLearn.

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Recordings Archive

TEBB Talks

Past TEBB Events

Some past TEBB events below were recorded. View recordings at: UIdaho Teaching Excellence Brown Bag

  • “Perils and Pitfalls: Facilitating Group Work”
  • “Facilitating Better and Deeper Learning Across Disciplines” – featuring Jan Meyer and Ray Land’s work on Threshold Concepts for transformational learning. 
  • “Taking Active Learning to a New Level By Infusing Technology”
  • “Managing Classroom Communication”
  • “Experiential Learning in the College of Business and Economics: What is it and why is it important?”
    – featuring Dr. Terry Grieb, 2014 Teaching Excellence Award Winner, with panelists Mike McCollough and George Tanner
  • “Essential Learning Skills Across the Curriculum: Learning to be a Self-Grower”
  • “Broadening Perspectives: Creative Ways Young Faculty are Diversifying Curriculum”